The Green Scent
Luxe Scented Light Bulbs for Your Comfort


Introducing our newest addition to the family - our luxe The Green Scent bulb collection! We are thrilled to bring you only natural ingredients that you love, with a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Our bulbs are made with only the finest quality natural oil and pulverized ingredients  infused into food grade silicone, that not only releasing warm and amazing scents, but also don't harm human or environmental health. This sleek and simple design will effortlessly fit into any E14/E27 socket blending in any decor, making it the perfect addition to your home or office. Use it in all seasons add even more  cheer to your days!
Our The Green Scent bulb collection  add an element of charm and coziness, providing a warm and soothing glow. With this new collection, we have combined the traditional with the modern, creating a wonderful harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.
So don’t wait, indulge in our new scent bulb collection and elevate your space with comfort and cozy feelings with a touch of enhanced relaxation..
Whether you're in the mood for spicy and savory Cinnamon or clean Lemon notes or warm and flowery complex Lavender and for the wood scent lovers our real Cedar Scent. Or try our newest addition woody and smooth Cedar or  the brain boosting Coffee with a hint of chocolate. Rest assured that each of these scents won't harm human, animal, or environmental health with our natural ingredients. Scent bulbs  have a medium  scent distribution when turned on when burned and can not be compared with other types of scent products. Please do not expect our bulbs to fill a room very fast with the chosen scent.
Our scent bulbs  are ideal for individuals with sensitivities to fragrances and chemicals, those seeking to steer clear of potential toxins, and those yearning for the traditional  ambiance with a more subtle scent.
Approximate scent release time of 500 hours.

Area of coverage E14 type max. 20m2, E27 type max. 30m2 (ceiling height max. 3m)

The classic warm light and long life LED bulbs are available in 4 watt E14 and 6 watt E27 socket types.  LED light bulbs are hand-dipped in translucent silicone. This heat-safe coating is loaded natural ingredients for long lasting subtle fragrance release as the bulb warms.