Marvelzap UNI
Zapping all germs and odor molecules

MARVELZAP UNI/Multi for Odor removal/ Sanitizing / Disinfecting Trucks Cabs/Containers

The Marvelzap UNI chlorine dioxide (ClO2)vapor cloud to be used  as a sanitizing agent, providing a full list of materials and methods for ensuring the full sanitization of in-cab surfaces. In particular, the update features a step-by-step protocol for eliminating odors and disinfecting the cab, as well as best practices for mixing and applying a ClO2 sanitizing and disinfecting solution to in-cab surfaces.

Chlorine Dioxide (Cl02)  UNI vapor gas is a common disinfectant and odor eliminator, it is available in the form of tablets, and depending on the amount of water added, can be used in a vapor or liquid form.

The Marvelzap UNI is packaged with detailed instruction for the vapor cloud cleaning technology. Deep cleaning/ disinfecting also can be achieved with  our liquid Multi treatment using a diluted solution for spot cleaning in high-traffic areas of the interior.

MARVELZAP MIX for Containers and Storage tanks.

Marvelzap Multi. Our pwder form can be mixed on site and it is a great help as  trucks do carry various items and those can leave strong and disturbing odors in the container. The Multi ClO2 solution is available in various sizes and  can generate up to 30 gallons of chlorine dioxide solution per package. By spraying down the interior of the empty container, will 99.9% sanitize and remove all odors regardless the type of  undesired smells causedby  the previous cargo load. Before long storage apply a Marvelzap UNI ClO2 vapor cloud treatment or manual/pressure washing with the applicable ppm strength, it will pay off nicley for mildew and odor free environment.