Vehicle Interior  Safety Antimicrobial Coating  in 29 minutes

Perpetualy Active Antimicrobial  Coating Eliminating Dangerous  Microorganisms

The latest pandemic and the emerging of new types of pathogens caused a surge in demand for the BIOSAFE® antimicrobial coating. Mobilsept Hyigienic Protect®has worked to meet that demand of the automotive market.
The perpetual antimicrobial coating with multifunctional capabilities made less then 30 minutes by the Mobilsept HP® helps to prevent for at least 6 months the transfer of infectious diseases by eliminating the growth of virus, stain- and odor-causing bacteria, fungi mold and mildew in the passenger area including the A/C system. The  BIOSAFE® antimicrobials have ASTM-E,EU-ECHA, REACH, GBAC  industry standadrs approvals and also used in a variety of personal protective equipment, including laundry additives for health care uniforms and for food service towels used in restaurants and cafeterias. "We continue to find new ways to ensure availability of our BIOSAFE® 
antimicrobials to meet our customer's needs," Shiming Wo, Gelest vice president and general manager of life science, said in a statement. 

Ozone gas treatments for vehicle hygiene & removing dangerous pathogens.
Our company has many years of developer-manufacturer experience in the production of ozone generators and currently continues to design and manufacture O3 gas generators for many areas of industries including agriculture where the level of ozone concentration produced and its efficiency of treatments are constantly monitored. Effective hygiene and pathogen removal from the  car interiors with ozone gas is possible, but this requires the use of an appropriate O3 gas generator with the correct application technology.
Ozone hygiene  treatments! How long is it effective?
 Until the arrival of the next pathogens! It could be 3 days or 5 minutes ?! 
Do not know....

Most common faults & shortcomings of the vehicle interior ozone treatments are:      
  •  incomplete pathogen removal uncertain hygiene condition!
  • approx. 30 min. engine idle - fuel waste & environmental emission load
  • improper handling procedure,
  • strong pungent after smell,
  • improper O3 generator in use 
  • improper application technology 

Improper ozone concentration levels can cause significant damage to various materials such as VOC, rubber, plastics, fabrics, paints and metals. Damage caused by ozone exposure can cause significant external-internal economic losses, and the increased costs of maintenance  and replacing these materials can also be at significant cost.

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