Marvelzap UNI
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Marvelzap UNI  starts working immediately to remove any type  of foul or disturbing odors - pets, food, smoke, waste  etc. Chlorine dioxide vapor has long been recognized as an effective odor eliminator and has 99.9% sanitizing capability. Also, effective against various pests-bugs! Each  ClO2 vapor  generator sealed bag treats an area up to 20sqm (max 3m ceiling height) or 200 cubic feet (12' x 14' x 10'). It's a quick and effective method to remove undesired smoke or damp, musty odors.  Ideal for cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.

The strong Marvelzap UNI is not a scent cover-up of any kind. ClO2 gas  destroys all odors, including fragrances, and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent (a faint swimming pool) that will quickly mix in with fresh air.

Warning: Marvelzap UNI is not to be used while people or pets are present.

Chlorine dioxide gas has a wide range as an effective odor reduction and disinfectant including:

  • Smoke
  • Pet odors
  • Auto, boat and RV interiors
  • Waste and refuse containers
  • Bathroom/portable restroom odor control
  • Bugs, bed bugs
  • allergens, mites
  • EU-ECHA,EPA,NSF, Approved
  • Environmentally Friendly