Clean place-excellent wine
Chlorine dioxide in recent years, ( ClO₂ ) has been successfully introduced to sterilize containers in the food industry. Disinfect and sanitize surfaces in breweries, wineries, food processing facilities & water systems with FDA-approved antimicrobial ClO₂ method. 


Marvelzap UNI is a new method that produces pure ClO₂ substance at high yield without expensive equipment, dangerous chemicals or lengthy employee training.

Marvelzap Uni Benefits:

 Uses 2  powders that are mixed together in a measured volume of water to produce a 3,000 ppm  ClO₂ concentrate. It's stable for 30 days when properly stored. The powders have a 3-year shelf life when those are kept in a properly sealed containers.

  ClO₂ is an approved disinfectant for clean-in-place (CIP) applications for potable water systems such as beverage preparation, storage, transfer and dispensing.

 It is a superior oxidizing agent and it's noncorrosive to the infrastructure of water distribution and bottling equipment. 

 Unlike chlorine, will completely remove the biological film (biofilm) from the entire water distribution system and it

is highly efficient at removing iron and manganese from water sources.

  It produces no THM’s, HAA’s, MX, chloramines, and other organic, carcinogenic or estrogenic compounds.

So far, research has been unable to determine if the use of ClO₂ could contribute traces of hypochlorite that are sufficient to produce troubling amounts of TCA in the winery industry.