Microfilm removal/Pathogen elimination

Chlorine Dioxide is ideal for water disinfection for potable consumption; food and beverage applications involving water for washing and as an ingredient and industrial water circuits for bacterial, slime and biofilm control. Potable water disinfection produces no THM’s and very low AOX. ClO2 is pH independent and generated on site. Chemical dosing systems are simple and compact. We can provide the following types of chlorine dioxide generation:

Chlorine Dioxide is approximately 5 times more soluble than chlorine and 50 times more soluble than ozone. Even though Chlorine Dioxide is soluble, it is still a gas and the solubility of the gas is governed by Henry’s Law. In closed pipelines, virtually no loss out of water into the gas phase can be expected. In open tanks, Chlorine Dioxide in solution will slowly decrease until equilibrium is established between ClO(g) and ClO(aq). According to Le Chatelier’s Principle, if Chlorine Dioxide is continually removed from the gas phase above an open tank, the concentration in solution will continue to decrease until it reaches zero.