Worry free excercising

Air quality improvement in terms of bacterial and fungal contamination in an exercise room of a fitness center under normal operating conditions, often reaching and undesired and health danger contributing level. Furthermore, fungal and bacterial load on sports equipment surface also must be considered. In locker rooms, background bacteria and fungi densities are also possible health hazards contributors. Mobilsept UNI chlorine dioxide dry fog treatment could remove both bacteria and fungi much better than water scrubbing. Few hours contact time (applied overnight) is sufficient to control both bacteria and fungi to comply with the official air quality standards. This treatment is also taking care of  the inactivation of microorganisms on surfaces of sports equipment, (bicycle handle, dumbbell, and sit-up bench) where manual sanatizing often can miss an important, but already  infected spot.  

Marvelzap SANI is a perfect help to sustain continous odor controll and  to maintain the desired hygiene level. (safe to use while  person and pets are present)